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The Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute (ACEI) was incorporated in the State of California in 1994. ACEI is a Charter and Endorsed Member of the Association of International Credential Evaluators (AICE), a not-for-profit professional association recognized by the U.S. Department of Education that approves and endorses private credential evaluation services in the U.S.

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Your Foreign Transcript Evaluation Service


Evaluation Service


ACEI’s Evaluation Service evaluates educational credentials from around the world and recommends the U.S. educational equivalence…

Translation Service


ACEI is proud to partner with Language Clarity Translations to provide high-quality translations of academic and related documents.


Experiential Learning


ACEI’s experienced-based learning evaluations are intended to assist those individuals interested in evaluating the non-traditional overseas learning acquired through experience.

English Testing


ACEI’s English Testing service helps assess a person’s English language competency.


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Calculate your GPA

Our easy to use GPA calculator will help you calculate the U.S. equivalent GPA of your foreign or international academic credentials.


A credential evaluation is a process by which an individual’s international education is compared and converted into its approximate U.S. equivalence. The results of this conversion is provided in a report which recommends the U.S. equivalence.


If you have completed your studies outside of the United States and plan to continue your education, work or seek certification, your credentials must be evaluated. The conversion of your foreign studies provide licensing and certification boards, employers and institutions the equivalence of these studies and provide a comparison based on curriculum and coursework offered by U.S. institutions.


In the U.S., there is no government agency that evaluates international credentials. Academic credential evaluations are provided by private organizations such as ACEI.

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I have known ACEI for the past two decades when I was with CSU Dominguez Hills and now with CGACC. I have recommended ACEI to our member colleges. Professionalism, dependability, and accuracy are just a few adjectives that describe ACEI’s work. Over the years many of our member colleges have depended on ACEI’s expertise in reviewing foreign credentials and its recommendations on U.S. equivalencies. ACEI is innovative in the use of technology to make information accessible to client colleges. Our colleges are so confident of ACEI’s work that they have printed ACEI’s address in their application and brochure.

Zepur Solakian

Executive Director, Center for Global Advancement of Community Colleges

Here at the Center for Advanced Studies, Japan, we manage the Japanese equivalent of an American community college in Tokyo and have numerous articulation agreements in place with American colleges and universities. Since many American schools are not familiar with such schools abroad, the first and essential step towards having our course work recognized for transfer credit is to have an independent and trustworthy transcript evaluation done by a reputable and reliable organization like ACEI.

Dirk Binder


When dealing with the eligibility of our elite student-athletes, USC needed a company with a stellar reputation for international credential evaluation. We talk to numerous knowledgeable people on our campus and all of them agreed that ACEI was the only company we could trust.

— Donna C. Heinel, Ed.D. University of Southern California —

I just got the documents yesterday. I am truly impressed with your efficiency and fantastic assistance. During the process, you have been very helpful and patient. Many thanks again for all your prompt response and your professional support. I know that it will have a significant impact on my life for years to come. Once again, thank you for your time. I wish you the very best in the coming year.

Hoi Chu C. (China)

I just wanted to inform you that I contacted the University as you had recommended and based on the evaluation of my Bachelor’s degree which you completed, I am not required to repeat any undergraduate courses and can enter into their Master’s program directly. Isn’t that beautiful? I was so happy to hear that. Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I would have never been able to make this happen without your help ACEI!

Rohit B. (India)

Thank for your doing my evaluation. I was able to get into the graduate program at Azusa Pacific U. You were all very helpful in letting me know exactly what documents to provide and you finished my evaluation as you had promised. Excellent work!

Cynthia N. (Guatemala)

Thank for your help and thoroughness. The evaluation you prepared for my client was accepted by ICE and he’ll be able to start his employment. You did a great job!


M. Attorney (California)

I just received my evaluation copy (the official you’d sent to the University in the U.S.). I’m so glad that you recognized the credit from my college back in the Philippines. Right now I’m very close to get my Bachelor’s degree and your evaluation will help me complete my requirements sooner. I’ll definitely recommend ACEI to all my friends and relatives for transcript evaluation. Again, thanks a lot for your help.


C. US Navy (Philippines)

I want to take the time to thank you for your superb service. It is always easier to complain, but in general we don’t take the time to say positive things to people or organizations. Your company has been amazing from the very start. You have shown your professionalism in all aspects of the evaluation process. You do what you say, and you say what you do. The way you contacted me promptly by phone, the kindness of Nora who spoke with me, the time you took to do my evaluation, and the way you presented it were amazing!! I ...

Veronique C. (France)

Thank you for doing a great job on my evaluation! I have recommended you to a few people already. the paper you use is university transcript quality and makes it very legitimate and fits in well with all my transcripts. Thank you very much.

Priya K. (Canada)

ACEI® is a Charter and Endorsed Member of the Association of International Credential Evaluators AICE®