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Official/Original of all educational credentials issued in the official language of the country (English) which apply to your educational history; please see below:


  • Secondary (High School)
    • Secondary School certificate or diploma (Photocopy of both sides of document)
    • Certifying Statement of Results (Transcript) – If you sat for the GCE, CSEC (CXC), CAPE (CXC) or other external submit final certificates issued by the examining board(s). If CXC certificates are not available, please request  CXC www.cxc.org to provide Certifying Statement of Performance for all examination or contact the local CXC registrar in the country where the examinations were taken, such as the Ministry of Education, which will issue official results statements upon request. Preliminary Results Slips are not acceptable.
    • Official Grade Report (Transcript) [Original] – issued by the school (required only if you are requesting a course-by-course listing with grades, and grade average)


  • Post-Secondary (University)
    • Diploma/Degree (Photocopy of both sides of document)
    • Transcripts/Grade Report – listing courses studied, with hours/ credits of instruction, and final grade/examination results for each course (Official issued in a sealed envelope submitted to ACEI either by the applicant or directly by the issuing institution)


  • Off-Shore Medical Schools
    • Check the status of your institution on CAAM-UP website to ensure it was accredited at the time of your studies and is accredited by the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professional (CAAM-HP). “Provisional accreditation” is not sufficient.


Photocopies: Provide 1 complete set of photocopies of any original documents submitted.


Refer to website REQUIRED DOCUMENTS for additional information and requirements concerning Doctoral Degrees, Syllabus, and Proof of Name Change.


NOTE: ACEI reserves the right to request for additional documentation or information, or in its sole and absolute discretion, may elect to inquire about, clarify, and/or verify any and all educational documents submitted for evaluation to ACEI with the source/issuing institution(s). ALL ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS SUBMITTED TO ACEI BY THE APPLICANT WILL BE RETURNED TO THE APPLICANT ON COMPLETION AND RELEASE OF THE EVALUATION REPORT