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Austria | ACEI | Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute

Official/Original of all educational credentials issued in the official language of the country (German) which apply to your educational history; please see below:


  • Secondary (High School)
    • Reifeprüfungszeugnis (Maturity Examination Certificate), or equivalent vocational diploma        (Original)
    • Jahreszeugnis (Annual Certificate) for each year of secondary school (Original) – required       only if   you are requesting a course-by-course listing with grades, and grade average.


  • Post-Secondary (University)
    • Diploma/Degree (Photocopy of both sides of the document)
    • Final examination certificate for Vorstudium / Bachelor / Diplom / Zeugnis über die         Lehramtsprüfung / Magister / Master / Doktor degree (Photocopy of both sides of the document)
    • Bestätigung des Studienerfolges (Statement of Academic Achievement), or equivalent grade     report (Original or official in a sealed envelope)
    • European Diploma Supplement is acceptable for completed programs (Original or official in a     sealed envelope)

Translations: Provide Official English translations of documents not issued in English by the institution.

Photocopies: Provide 1 complete set of photocopies of any original documents submitted.

Refer to website REQUIRED DOCUMENTS for additional information and requirements concerning Doctoral Degrees, Syllabus, and Proof of Name Change.

NOTE: ACEI reserves the right to request for additional documentation or information, or in its sole and absolute discretion, may elect to inquire about, clarify, and/or verify any and all educational documents submitted for evaluation to ACEI with the source/issuing institution(s). ALL ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS SUBMITTED TO ACEI BY THE APPLICANT WILL BE RETURNED TO THE APPLICANT ON COMPLETION AND RELEASE OF THE EVALUATION REPORT.