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Provide required documents which apply to your educational history as shown below:

Secondary education – If BGCSE, IGCSE, or GCSE examinations were taken, Preliminary Results Slips are not acceptable. ACEI requires the final certificates issued by the examining board(s)

Post-secondary education – Request all post-secondary institutions attended to send official academic transcripts directly to ACEI. Official/Original or Attested Copies (with 2 complete sets of photocopies) of all diplomas, degrees, and certificates (if received) with 2 complete sets of photocopies.

IMPORTANT: Evaluation intended for professional certification with State Licensing Boards are based on original/official academic documents only.


Please refer to website REQUIRED DOCUMENTS for additional information and requirements concerning Doctoral Degrees, Syllabus, and Proof of Name Change.

ACEI reserves the right to request for additional documentation or information, or in its sole and absolute discretion, may elect to inquire about, clarify, and/or verify any and all educational documents submitted for evaluation to ACEI with the source/issuing institution(s).