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IMPORTANT: ALL academic documents for studies completed in Cuba must be legalized by the Cuban Government at the Embassy of Cuba in Washington, DC before they are submitted for evaluation. Please read instructions below:

The first step is for you to submit your documents (transcripts and diplomas) to The Embassy of Cuba in Washington, D.C.  The Embassy will legalize current diplomas and transcripts and also request transcripts and diplomas directly from Cuba. (The Embassy sends documents to MINREX – Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores in Cuba; once the documents are back from MINREX to the Embassy, the Embassy legalizes with stamps and seals.)

The contact information for the Embassy is:

Consular Section of Embassy of Cuba in Washington, DC:

Consular Jurisdiction:

Address:  2630 16th Street NW

Washington DC 20009

Phones: 202-797-8518 / -8519 / -8520

Fax:  202-797-8521

As an alternative, you can reach out directly to the Consultoria Juridica in Cuba.

The contact information is:

Consultoria Juridica Internacional (Casa no. 1)

Calle 16 No. 314 e/ 3ra y 5ta

Miramar, Playa, Ciudad Habana

Tel: 204-1318

Fax: 204-2303

E-mail: cji@cji.cu

General Director = Jose Pavon Cruz (Pavon@cji.cu), who usually replies to email


Consultoria Juridica Internacional (Casa no. 2)

Calle 22 no. 108 e/1ra y 3ra

Miramar, Playa, Ciudad Habana

Tel: 204-5691

Email: cij@cij.cu


Bufete de Servicios Especializados

23 y J Vedado, Ciudad Habana

Tel: 832-6813/832-6024

Fax: 66-2159

Email: besnet@ceniai.inf.cu

Cell Phone 880-3392 (Director)


Bufete Internacional

Ave. 5ta no. 16202 Esq. a 162

Playa, Ciudad Habana

Phones: (537) 66-6824/204-6749

(537) 833-1427/1428

Fax: (537) 204-6750

Email: bufete@bufeteinternacional.cu


NOTE: After your educational documents have been legalized, you will send them directly to ACEI. (We require the original language documents with all appropriate seals in place and also an official, literal English translation of the documents).

Academic Documents from Cuba may include any and all of the following which apply to your educational history:

Título de Bachiller (Title of Bachelor) or Título de Técnico Medio (Title of Middle Level Technician) with certificados de estudios;

Título (Title) or Diploma (Diploma) for any higher education programs with certificados de estudios;

Pos Grado para Especialista (Post Graduate Specialist) with certificados de estudios;

Candidato a Doctor en Ciencias (Candidate to Doctor in Sciences), Doctor en Ciencias (Doctor in Sciences) with certificado de estudios and abstract of doctoral degree dissertation/thesis.

NOTE: Please submit documents ONLY after they have been LEGALIZED by the Cuban Government MINREX.

Please refer to website REQUIRED DOCUMENTS for additional information and requirements concerning Doctoral Degrees, Syllabus, and Proof of Name Change.

ACEI reserves the right to request for additional documentation or information, or in its sole and absolute discretion, may elect to inquire about, clarify, and/or verify any and all educational documents submitted for evaluation to ACEI with the source/issuing institution(s).