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Experiential Learning | ACEI | Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute

The experienced-based learning evaluations prepared by ACEI are intended to assist those individuals interested in evaluating the non-traditional overseas learning acquired through experience for academic credit. This evaluation is prepared for those U.S. academic institutions which accept credit for non-traditional learning. ACEI does not prepare experiential learning evaluations for the USCIS.

The recommendation of credit for learning gained through work and life experiences is contingent on the individual’s ability to satisfactorily demonstrate that the knowledge he/she has acquired is comparable to that of a college/university level course. College or university course credit comparability is not recommended for the experience alone, but for the knowledge and significant learning acquired from experience. For example, an individual would not qualify for college/university course credit simply for having been employed for a period of time. He/she must also demonstrate the acquisition of learning, knowledge, promotion and development in his/her field of employment.

An experiential learning evaluation is completed on the condition the employer/academic institution/agency accepts experienced-based learning evaluations in lieu of traditional education. Please check with your prospective employer or the college/university you wish to attend as to whether an experienced-based learning evaluation is accepted.

Required Documents

The following documentation (ONE (1)notarized sets of the information) are required for an experiential learning evaluation in the native language and Certified English translation (if not issued in English).

1. Academic Documents

If any formal education has been completed, documentation such as transcripts in support of the education must be submitted. In addition, copies of any certificates, diplomas, or degrees earned must also be provided. All academic documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by certified English translations unless studies were completed at institutions in countries which routinely issue transcripts in English.

2. Resume/Curriculum Vitae

A detailed resume/curriculum vitae of work experience to include the following:
Complete dates of employment
Names and addresses of employers
Location (city and country of employer)
Profile on the employer(s) (brochures or other literature describing the activities, services or products of the company or employment)
Positions held
Detailed descriptions of duties, responsibilities and accomplishments
Description of the specific learning acquired through work experience

3. Letter of Recommendation

Letter(s) for current and/or former employer(s) verifying the work experience highlighted in the resume/curriculum vitae. Letter(s) must be written on company letterhead by the supervisor or individual to whom applicant reported. Letter(s) must verify dates of employment; positions held and job duties and accomplishments.

4. Other

Documentation supporting any of the following must be submitted:
Newspaper Articles
Job Descriptions (must be verified by an official of the organization)
Military Records
Promotion Evaluation Reports
Seminars, Workshops, In-Service Training
Teaching/Instruction experience
Licenses (pilot, broker, real estate, etc.)
Artistic Works & Accomplishments Relevant to Work Experience (e.g. photographs, art work, speeches, designs, publications)
Audiovisual Presentations Relevant to the Work Experience (e.g. audiotapes, slides, videotapes, etc.)

Processing Time

Standard Processing Time

An evaluation is completed within twenty (20) business days from the date documents listed in “Required Documents” have been received.

RUSH Services

ACEI offers a Ten (10) Business Day RUSH Service for completing an Experiential Learning Evaluation. The RUSH service goes into effect from the date all required documents, fees, and application have been received by ACEI. The RUSH Service does not include express mailing of the evaluation.

How to Proceed

For more information on how ACEI can assist you, please contact our office at +1(310) 275-3530 or acei@acei-global.org. The procedures for an Experiential Learning Evaluation are:


Prepare and submit the Documentation Portfolio.

ACEI | Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute

Complete and submit the ACEI Experiential Application.

ACEI | Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute

Evaluation fee (refer to the ACEI Application for Experiential Learning Evaluation)